The Coffee Man

Meet Mark - The Coffee Man...

Mark has a great passion for all things coffee.

Retiring from Sydney life in 2009, Mark created Kimberley Coffee Company in Broome, Western Australia, starting with a small air roaster in his home and a quaint coffee van that served the best coffee in town every morning just outside the local Blockbuster Video Shop and the Broome Markets.

The Coffee Man oversees every bean selection, coffee roast, and customer interaction. A visit to “The Coffee Van” at the Broome Courthouse Markets is on the Must Experience list for visitors to Broome and a regular destination for locals.

The creator of the ‘Roasted In The Zone’ method, Mark believes that the best coffee comes from not just great beans, but from a holistic approach to roasting – utilizing the freshest water, capturing the best air quality from North West Western Australia and working in a natural, clean environment. He doesn’t roast to win medals he roasts for his customers.

Passionate about promoting Fairtrade and sustainability, Mark travels to the best coffee growing regions in the world to meet the farmers personally and select beans that he blends and roasts himself. This enthusiastic Coffee Hunter only chooses his beans from the top 1 – 3% of green beans grown in the world.

Mark has over 40 experience in the Australian wine, hospitality, tourism, and coffee industries. Holding qualifications from The Sydney Food School and Cornell University International Hotel School of Administration, he has represented the AHA (Australian Hotels Association NSW) as a Council Member for some 14 years.

He has won awards for his coffees at major coffee roasting shows including – Australian Champion Roaster 2019/2020, The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, The Golden Bean, Melbourne Royal Fine Food Show and Hobart Royal Fine Food Show.

Who are "The Coffee Hunters"? (Mark & Sim!)

Mark and Simone, self-dubbed "The Coffee Hunters," are less like your average Australian coffee importers (and roasters) and more like caffeinated Indiana Joneses—sans the whip and fedora, but never without a trusty espresso cup. 

Their quest? To scour the earth's nooks, crannies, and occasionally, its most WiFi-challenged corners, in search of the Holy Grail of coffee beans. 

Their mission is fuelled not by the desire for wealth or fame, but by a caffeinated calling to bring the world's finest beans back to the sun-kissed shores of Broome, where they lovingly roast these treasures into liquid gold.

Eschewing the impersonal touch of giant corporations, they instead forge direct bonds with farmers, chatting about everything from rainfall to family recipes, all in the pursuit of sustainability and that perfect bean. 

This dynamic duo's passion for coffee knows no bounds; if coffee beans were continents, they'd have discovered the eighth one by now.

Their journey is not just about the beans but about friendship and a shared passion for wholesome business. Exploring the world of coffee together, they embody the spirit of adventure, turning their quest into a never-ending global coffee date. They often joke that doing what you love with the right person means you'll never work a day in your life—though, considering the lengths they go to for the perfect brew, some might argue they've redefined work itself. 

Either way, in the sprawling, red landscapes of Broome, amidst the fragrant aroma of freshly roasted beans, Mark and Simone are living proof that the best things in life are often shared—with a cup of coffee in hand, of course.