Welcome to Kimberley Coffee Company's Coffee Shots Collection!
In this series of 60 second videos we give you shots of awesome coffee information.

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What is a single origin coffee?

You head into your favourite cafe and you see the 'Single Origin' of the week on the menu.
Because you love your usual blend, and you don't really know what a 'single origin' is, you may be reluctant to try it.  Watch this Coffee Shot, find out what 'single origin' is all about, then try something new?

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What is a Dirty Chai?

A 'Chai' is a fragrant blend of spices that is beautifully blended and then mixed with hot water or milk. Originating in India, it is very healthful and widely consumed for health and relaxation benefits.  So how do we make it dirty???  Watch now!

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What is blended coffee?

Now you know about 'single origin' lets find out more about 'blended' coffee. Why is it different, why do we blend beans? 

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What is the 'Swiss Water' decaffeination process?

Are you a lover of de-caff? Every wondered how they get the caffeine out of the coffee bean? Let me show you in this 60 second Coffee Shot!

Check out our blog that explains the decaffeination process in more detail.

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What is the difference between a flat white and a latte?

Watch this and you will understand the age-old question of 'what actually is the difference between a flat white and a latte'. Mystery solved!

Check out more detail in our blog that discusses flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos.


What is a macchiato?

A very well known coffee style with a very broad interpretation, in this Coffee Shot, we talk about the famous macchiato and what does it mean to have it 'topped up'.  Watch now and dazzle your local barrister tomorrow with your newfound understanding!


What are the secrets to making a perfect latte?

For all those home barristers, watch and learn how to make an amazing latte coffee every time.

Secrets from The Coffee Man will change your coffee making skills for the better!

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Why is getting the right coffee grind important?

Getting the coffee bean grind right is essential to an excellent coffee.  Grinding the coffee just before you brew it is equally essential.  Let me share some grinding secrets with you in this Coffee Shot.

Download our FREE Grind Guide after you watch our Coffee Shot - an excellent reference for your home brewing.



Sustainable coffee growing.

Learn more about how Kimberley Coffee Company encourages sustainability through product choice and encouraging our customers to make eco-friendly choices.

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The importance of good water for awesome coffee.

Ever wondered why some coffee just tastes better than others? If the beans are fresh, the grind is right and the barrister knows what to do, then likely the water quality will be the key to making the very best coffee possible.

Our E-Book has a whole section on water, so check it out after you watch our Coffee Shot below.


What is the best single origin coffee?

The GAYO Fairtrade Organic is a stunning Single Origin coffee bean from Indonesia. Simply amazing, this solid base bean is used in many of our blends and just makes a brilliant coffee.

Try our Award Winning Mintaka Blend that features the GAYO single origin.


What is Robusta coffee?

What is a Robusta bean? Where does it come from? What sort of coffee does it make?
Robusta is one of the two most popular types of beans used in coffee making today. Let me tell you a bit about it here...


Why is organic so important when it comes to coffee?

We talk here about the importance of drinking organic coffee over chemically pounded coffee.  Is it really important, what difference does it make and why you absolutely should choose organic when you can.

Read more here if your health, the environment and good quality is important to you!

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What is "the crack" in coffee roasting?

Ever heard the term "The Crack" in reference to coffee roasting? The 'First Crack' and the 'Second Crack' are super important when it comes to roasting beans to exactly the right degree.

We also have a great blog that explains the process in greater detail. Up your coffee knowledge with this great video!


How should you best store your coffee beans?

The difference between good coffee and great coffee comes down to many things, and storage of your beans is one of the important ones.

Pick up our tips and tricks in the Coffee Shot below, and check out the blog about Coffee Storage Hacks if you feel like even more!


Coffee farming & sustainability.

At Kimberley Coffee Company we are passionate about the environment and it's people.  Let me explain a bit about what we do, and what you can do, to ensure the best outcome for farmers, the Earth and the quality of your coffee.

Read more in our blog that also covers Fairtrade coffee farming if you want to find out more.

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History of Coffee: Episode 1 "How Coffee was Discovered"

We don't really know exactly who discovered coffee. BUT! There is a story that has been circulated for years about a goat herder from Ethiopia. Kaldi, the goat herder from Ethiopia, noticed his goats were jumping around (dancing!) in the middle of the night after they had been munching on a native tree that no one really paid much attention to. That plant turned out to be the coffee plant! Upon observing increased activity and unusual behaviour in his goats, Kaldi tried eating some of the plant's berries, and found it gave him extra energy and a feeling of happiness. Kaldi continued to eat the berries, gaining a reputation as the Happiest Herder in Arabia, and the founder of coffee!



History of Coffee: Episode 2 "How the Catholic Church Save Coffee in Europe"

Did you know, when coffee was introduced to The Vatican in Europe it was considered The Devils Drink, and the Catholic Church banned it. It promoted intellectual thinking and excitement. Oh dear! Luckily, Pope Clement V111 was the first Pope to actually TRY coffee, and HE LOVED IT! The ban was lifted and life continued with coffee in Europe...



History of Coffee: Episode 3 "Losing your head over coffee???"

Did you know, there was a time when drinking coffee in public you could lose your head? Watch this clip for a nearly unbelievable story involved in the dark history of coffee!