Coffee History

The History of Coffee

Check out our short videos investigating the rich (and sometimes dark) history of coffee.

History of Coffee: Episode 1 "How Coffee was Discovered"

We don't really know exactly who discovered coffee. BUT! There is a story that has been circulated for years about a goat herder from Ethiopia. Kaldi, the goat herder from Ethiopia, noticed his goats were jumping around (dancing!) in the middle of the night after they had been munching on a native tree that no one really paid much attention to. That plant turned out to be the coffee plant! Upon observing increased activity and unusual behaviour in his goats, Kaldi tried eating some of the plant's berries, and found it gave him extra energy and a feeling of happiness. Kaldi continued to eat the berries, gaining a reputation as the Happiest Herder in Arabia, and the founder of coffee!

History of Coffee: Episode 2 "How the Catholic Church Saved Coffee in Europe"

Did you know, when coffee was introduced to The Vatican in Europe it was considered The Devils Drink, and the Catholic Church banned it. It promoted intellectual thinking and excitement. Oh dear! Luckily, Pope Clement V111 was the first Pope to actually TRY coffee, and HE LOVED IT! The ban was lifted and life continued with coffee in Europe...


History of Coffee: Episode 3 "Losing Your Head Over Coffee???"

Did you know, there was a time when drinking coffee in public you could lose your head? Watch this clip for a nearly unbelievable story involved in the dark history of coffee!