Boab Coffee



Kimberley Boab Coffee - LIMITED 500g Hybrid Coffee


Our award-winning Mintaka Fairtrade Organic Blend mixed with organic roasted Kimberley sourced boab nut.

We have spent many years experimenting with the iconic boab nut and our exceptional award-winning coffee. Our logo is actually a boab tree, symbolizing the uniqueness of the Kimberley Region in Western Australia.

We now have an extraordinary product. Stock is extremely limited due to seasonality of the boab nut.

We engage local Indigenous people to collect the boab nut and work with them to add additional local botanicals to complete the flavour profile, giving you a coffee that will surprise and delight you.

The roasted, ground nut of the boab is mixed with high-quality FTO coffee (and other natural Kimberley botanicals) to create an exceptionally full-flavoured, well-rounded coffee that offers a unique nutty flavour and a protein boost.

 Brew Instructions

To brew it, you use the Kimberley Boab Coffee as you would any other coffee – we grind the coffee and the nut together so you can simply brew in any coffee maker -  plunger, espresso maker, stove top or Aeropress.

 Kimberley Boab Coffee Profile

Slightly nutty with dark chocolate and a slight hint of cardamon. Very well suited to nut milks such as almond, cashew and soy.

 Boab Nut & Nutrition
Nutritional analysis of the boab nut reveals numerous health benefits. The ground roasted boab powder contains vitamin B6, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, protein, and dietary fibres.

 Boab nut contains a prebiotic with a very high soluble fibre percentage which is necessary for great gut health. The Hadza Tribe of Tanzania, who have used Baobab regularly, have incredible health plus a diverse and strong gut microbiome. They are some of the healthiest people on the planet.

 Boab nuts offer these potential health benefits:

·         A natural source of vitamins and minerals

·         High levels of antioxidants

·         Promotes prebiotic bacteria (essential fibre) that improves the gut microbiome and overall health.

The boab nut is a great additive to juices, smoothies, porridge, cereals, and baked goods, making it very versatile to use. It’s neutral, slightly tangy taste makes it perfect for children and toddlers who will enjoy the taste benefit from its health promoting attributes.

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