How to Brew Coffee by The Coffee Man - Mark Bentham - Downloadable Book

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How to Brew Coffee by Mark Bentham, The Coffee Man.

Ever wondered how to make the very best Turkish, Italian, filter, plunger, cold brew, espresso or pour over?

There are crucial factors specific to each type of home brewing that you need to know to make the best possible cup of coffee, every time.

Download this essential guide to home brewing, where you will find instructions on all the different brewing types, a guide to the perfect grind style plus some awesome tips for making the best coffee possible at home.

In this 43 page book, The Coffee Man will take you through the various coffee brewing methods in an easy to understand format. 

Mark has been in the hospitality, wine, food and coffee game for all his working life and started Kimberley Coffee Company in 2010. His beautifully hand roasted coffee has won major awards.

Kimberley Coffee Company in located in the remote and pristine area of North West Australia. 

This is a fantastic, easy to read guide for all coffee drinkers to get a handle on how to brew their coffee at home and get the best results.

You will need a epub reader to view this book - these can be downloaded for free here