About Us

About Us

Kimberley Coffee Company is a boutique small batch coffee roasting company based in the beautiful Kimberley area of North West Australia in Broome.

We specialise Fairtrade and sustainable Coffees sourced from all parts of the world. We only buy the best top quality green beans. Kimberley Coffee Company then roasts these Green Beans to perfection in one of our coffee roasters. We don't keep stock on the shelf we roast once we have received your order. Pack and express post your coffee Australia wide. Your order usually leaves Broome in one or two business days.

We sell our product online to consumers and through our partner Cafe's around Western Australia. Kimberley Coffee is not sold in Supermarkets.  The main reason for this is we can have a direct relationship with our customer and control on the quality, that way keeping it fresh.

Our coffee tastes spectacular within the first 21 days after roasting, then it's absolutely fantastic for the next six months, and a hundred times better than ANY shop bought coffee for the next 12 months. Storage hints for can be found in the blog section of this website.

Once you have tried our freshly roasted coffee, you will be amazed at how good it tastes - and like many of our customers, become hooked.

100% Guarantee - Yes we have a 100% Guarantee! no questions asked if you are not happy call us and we will fix it.

The Background Story

I started making coffees on espresso machines in Sydney back in the 70s when Australians where drinking black tea and instant coffee. The thought of the typical Australian drinking an espresso or latte was unheard off - that was a drink that only new Australians drank not us Aussies - espresso and wine was put in the non Australian bag. Beer was the beverage of choice.

So, having studied hotel management and professional cookery in Sydney, I spent the next 43 years working in the hospitality and wine industry, watching the food world slowly change firstly wine and then food and coffee. Australia accepted the new immigrants and along with that our tastes changed and developed through the new comers food, wine, culture and coffee. The Australian palate changed from meat, three veggies and beer. Australian wine became the talk of the wine world in early 1980s. This was closely followed by coffee - cafes with espresso machines started to pop up. So came Australia's love affair with the Specialty Coffee and all the ways to make it.  So in 2010 freed up I moved to Broome WA from Sydney to start up Kimberley Coffee Company . I choose Broome for several reasons - life style was one. However roasting coffee here had an edge over roasting in Sydney and other populated areas ( in my opinion). We would be roasting in what we call "The Coffee Zone". 'Roasting in the Zone " Although coffee isn't grown here in Broome on a commercial level, it is in the coffee zone with our nearest neighbour - Timor-Leste only an hour or  so flight away, and producing some of the worlds great coffee. Along with Indonesia and on the other side PNG. Broome is in 'The Coffee Zone" where coffee is grown. That's not all, the air is some of the purist freshest quality air in the world - it travels across the Indian Ocean from Africa or the Great Sandy Desert with no pollution from mans activities - so we roast with pure fresh air, coupled with the best beans we can buy in the world and a passion for delivering the very best coffee. We roast where it is meant to be roasted and you can defiantly taste the difference. 

So we invite you to try some of our award winning Kimberley coffee - a good place to start is with our signature coffee roast "Mintaka"  named after one of the three starts in Orion's Belt which sits above the clear Kimberley sky most of the year. 

Mark Bentham

The Coffee Man