Meet Nelson Soza, Coffee Producer

Meet Nelson Soza, Coffee Producer

Posted by Mark Bentham, The Coffee Man on 16th Sep 2020

The Honduras coffee plantation of our newest single origin - Finca “Cerro Bonito” - consists of 2.8 hectares of coffee planted in 2012. The farm has an average annual production of 120 qq of dry parchment coffee.

It was established by the producer Nelson Soza and his family, who is a third generation coffee producer, since his father and grandfather were engaged in the same field before him.

The farm is located about 7 kilometers from the Nelson’s residence in a community called Las Aradas in the municipality of San Jerónimo, Comayagua, Honduras. This parcel of land is just 2.8 hectares in size, and situated at 1550 metres above seal level. After hand picking the cherry is processed and slowly over 10 days in solar dryers with multi level screens.

Nelson was born in the late 1970’s, and along with his wife has fathered four boys, currently aged 18, 14, 11 and 5 years respectively.

The cultivation of coffee for this family represents their heritage and livelihood, since more than 90% of their income depends on the sale of coffee.

Nelson Soza has been an active member of the COAPROCL cooperative since November 2017, where, in agreement with his brothers, he took the place of his father Tomas Soza Calderon, who unfortunately died in October of that same year. Nelson currently serves as vice-president of the COAPROCL board of directors.

The single origin coffee he produces is some of the best, high grown with European Preparation method and an impressive cupping score of 83.5.

A well balanced cup with sticky, syrupy body that carries notes of toffee, black tea, apricot and hazelnuts. Crisp lemon acidity moves to a long caramel finish.

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