Wholesale Coffee Supply

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Kimberley Coffee Company now supplies its award-winning coffee to cafes, hotels, resorts, guest houses around Australia.

Please download our Commercial Overview 2024 here.

If you are a small business (office, b&b,  hotel, resort, cruise or small café)  we offer wholesale pricing with an easy subscription delivery cycle on our coffee blends and will ensure you have the freshest and highest quality beans at all times.

We have a 4kg subscription bundle that many small cafes and businesses love as it meets their customer demand, ensures fresh coffee and is easy to budget for.

We are often asked what is the best coffee to start with. We always recommend the Mintaka Fairtrade Organic Blend – it’s is our signature blend and keeps customers returning every week to The Coffee Van in Broome.

We believe that sending regular shipments of smaller quantities means you always serve fresh coffee, and we all know that fresh coffee is the best coffee.  To take the hassle out of making regular smaller orders we offer a subscription delivery so you can set and forget, and never be short of awesome fresh coffee!

>>> Check out our subscription coffee products for wholesale pricing here.


Want to order a LOT of coffee!!!???

If you regularly need quantities above 10kg per order, let’s talk some more. Just complete the form below with as much information as you can share and we will arrange a time to talk to you.