Affiliate Marketing Revenue

We now offer you a new revenue stream for your business. 

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Promote our coffee to your customers and receive a min 4% affiliate payment from every sale for the lifetime of that customer while you are selling our coffee.

So Simple.

A happy customer scans a QR code within your venue, and they will bring you revenue on every purchase they make on our onlinestore for their lifetime.

You don't need to stock beans for sale on site if you don't want to. We do the fulfilment and you collect the payment.

How Does It work?

  • Stock and sell Kimberley Coffee Company coffee exclusively
  • Collect customer details for customers that purchase beans in-store using an exclusive landing page attached to your venue and affiliate account, which the customer accesses by scanning your QR code or filling out details on a tablet.
  • Your QR code & landing page are provided for free. You may purchase QR table codes with your coop advertising fund.
  • 4% paid in stock or a monthly rebate for the customer lifetime


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