Organic English Breakfast

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A traditional blend of the black tea to create the right balance of aroma, strength and body. A little malty, whether you like to enjoy English Breakfast by itself or a little stronger with milk and a little sugar, it is a great cuppa to start the day.

Now in tasteful organic grade full leaf grade.

Ingredients: Black tea (Camellia Sinensis)
Brewing: Note about the strength of this English Breakfast: As it has larger leaf pieces in this English Breakfast, it would take a little longer to draw out the flavour. Most English Breakfast in the market has very broken leaves so all the taste and strength is drawn out as soon as the hot water is poured in. If you like to enjoy the true taste of English Breakfast by drinking it on its own, our leaf grade English Breakfast is a better tea. If you prefer your tea with milk and sugar, double the tea leaves you use for the cup or consider our Irish Breakfast.

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