Coffee Filter Portable V60

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Your Perfect Coffee Partner!

The Coffee Dripper V60 Portable Coffee Dripper Portable Coffee Filter

Useful filters for filtering coffee. This filter technique is commonly called the V60 dripper technique. This filter comes in a portable form and can be used in all types of coffee mugs, glasses or cups.

The key to making an awesome coffee, anywhere, on the go!


  • Filters for making quality coffee. This technique is commonly called the V60 dripper. Use a medium coffee grind.
  • Portable Design
  • This filter can be used in various types of mugs, cups or glasses with a diameter of 76-110mm
  • Stainless Steel Material

This filter is made of quality stainless steel. This stainless steel material makes this filter not prone to rust and also durable.

NB Coffee Filter Only. Cup not included.