2 in 1 Cold Brewer & Cold Drip

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Do you prefer cold drip or cold brew coffee? Or both?

This 2 in 1 integrates two functions of cold drip and cold brew, and can enjoy two flavours with only one product.

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  • Amazing Coffee Flavor
  • 6-8 cups, larger Capacity Loose Leaf Support
  • Adjustable Rate Valve-Complete Extraction
  • Strictly Control Premium Quality Materials
  • Simple Setup And Easy Clean Up

The difference between Cold Brew & Cold Drip Coffee...

Coffee production is the process of extracting some substances from coffee. The speed and temperature of coffee extraction are closely related to time. The higher the temperature is, the faster the extraction speed is, and the longer the time is, the more the extraction is.

The same thing is that both of them adopt the method of low temperature + long time extraction. Cold brewing coffee is produced by slowly extracting coffee powder and ice water after they are mixed in a certain proportion. Cold drip is the liquid melted from the ice dropped on the coffee powder.

The difference is that only ice water and coffee powder are involved in the whole extraction process of cold brewing coffee. A large amount of air is added to the extraction process of ice drip coffee. Each drop of ice water is fully mixed with air and coffee powder.

The cold brewing method will magnify various flavors and aromas of the coffee, reduce acidity, and make the flavor cleaner and purer. The feature is that the colder the coffee is, the better the flavor will be, without diluting or adding ice cubes. Compared with cold brew, ice drip has more fragrance, and tastes more delicate and delicate.