Ethiopian Sidamo Specialty

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Ethiopian Sidamo Specialty

Region: Sidamo - Bensa Region - Hache District
Grade: Grade 4 (size)
Screen Size: 17/15
Process Method: Fully Washed
Packaging: Coffee bags with valve


Appearance: Green
Tasting Notes: Spice, peach, soft bergamot and floral notes, with a medium to high citric and stone fruit acidity. Smooth, juicy and delicate body carries through to a grapefruit and honey finish.
Cupping Score: Internal Score: 84

The coffee growing regions of Sidamo lie in the famous Great Rift Valley that runs through Ethiopia and Kenya. The countryside is generally lush and green. Though mostly rural, this part of Ethiopia is very densely populated nonetheless. Several large fresh-water lakes dot the terrain, running in a long chain through the valley where most of the coffee grows. 

 Read more about the Sidamo Coffee Growing region here.

Ethiopian Coffee Culture

In Ethiopia, coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a cornerstone of community and well-being, deeply ingrained in the fabric of everyday life. From the lush highlands to bustling city streets, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, beckoning friends and neighbors to gather. Here, the tradition of coffee transcends mere consumption; it's a ritual of connection, a time-honored symbol of hospitality and warmth. Families come together to roast and grind beans, sharing stories and laughter as they prepare the perfect brew. This shared experience fosters bonds that extend far beyond the confines of the coffee ceremony, nurturing a sense of belonging and solidarity within communities. Through its coffee industry, Ethiopia not only sustains livelihoods but also cultivates a profound sense of unity, ensuring that the essence of togetherness remains at the heart of its cultural identity.