The Mintaka Story

The Mintaka Story

Posted by Mark Bentham, The Coffee Man on 7th Nov 2018

Mintaka - Coffee that’s out of this world

Let me tell you a tale about our Star Blend Mintaka, the organic blend from Kimberley Coffee that has a wonderfully inspiring story.

Named by Greg Quicke AKA Space Gandalf from Astro Tours and hero in Broome and beyond...

This multi-award winning beautiful organic coffee is inspired by Mintaka- one of the three stars in Orion's belt which the ancient Arabs called "the string of pearls”. Mintaka, or Delta Orionis, is the 7th brightest naked eye star in the constellation Orion. With an apparent magnitude of 2.25, Mintaka is the 73rd brightest star in the entire sky. Its distance from Earth is 916 light years.

The name Mintaka comes from منطقة manţaqah, which means "area or region" in Arabic.

Mintaka was seen by ancient astrologers as a portent of good fortune.

Kimberley Coffee Company has created an inspired blend with this good fortune and ancient astrological history in mind. This stunning coffee blend is created in Broome, Western Australia (home of the South Sea Pearl) in the late afternoon and early evening when the cool clear winds flow in from over the Indian Ocean.

This high-quality Arabica Coffee Bean is sourced from sustainable producers in Sumatra and Papua New Guinea. The full-bodied Sumatran beans with a high grown PNG A Grade bean are blended with a small quantity of rich, fragrant African origin beans providing lingering sweetness.

In modern days, Coffee Lovers called 'Mintakans' can be found mainly in Broome, Western Australia where they gather on Saturday mornings at the Broome Courthouse Markets. It is here they take in the ritual of drinking this magical handcrafted brew through a traditional Italian hand-built Piston Espresso Machine by world-class Baristas Pilgrims who come from all over the world to Broome Court House Markets to work their magic.

Visitors that are converted to 'Mintakism' then spread the word and brew from their own cafes and homes all over Australia and the World. This is the star blend from Kimberley Coffee Company and our most popular subscription product and home delivery coffee blend. 

It's not surprising this award winning Fairtrade organic blend has won many awards from The Golden Bean to The Royal Sydney Fine Food Competition amongst others.

WARNING! If you have not tried Mintaka think seriously about ordering it online as you have a 99% chance of being converted to Mintakism!

We would love you to try it.