Fairtrade Coffee in 2020

Fairtrade Coffee in 2020

Posted by Mark Bentham, The Coffee Man on 6th Aug 2020

This Friday, 7th August, we kick off the celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight – this is a time to think about the consumable products you buy and support their origins with mindfulness.

Fairtrade Australia works hard to spread the word that trade often isn’t fair. They campaign to raise awareness of the needs of producers in developing countries, share the good reasons to buy Fairtrade products and persuade policymakers to change the fundamentally unfair trade system.


Here in Australia, we rely on help from Fairtrade Australia as the most credible third party organisation supporting sustainable coffee growing. 

At Kimberley Coffee Company we are passionate about producing awesome coffee that is sustainable. Our signature award-winning organic blend Mintaka is Fairtrade and when you choose Fairtrade you are making a difference on the ground. You can buy it in 1 kilo bags from our online store and even start a coffee subscription where you always have freshly roasted, perfectly blended, Fairtrade, organic beans in your home and save up to 24% on your monthly coffee spend!

Continuing our focus on Fairtrade this week, we want to share with you just how important things like sustainability, community, social consciousness, the environment and top quality products are to us at Kimberley Coffee Company.

Our commitment to being a part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem is one that continuously evolves….

Sustainable Keep Cups

Just think, 2 years ago no one had ever heard of a Keep Cup, now they are a standard all over Australia! Our Keep Cups are hugely popular, and on any given Saturday morning you can see many of the Broome Courthouse Market stallholders enjoying their morning mobile latte in their chosen size and colour. Being a part of Responsible Cafes Organisation, we agree to offer a discount as incentive to BYO coffee mug / keepcup / favourite liquid vessel – save 50c per cup of tea or coffee and know you are making a difference with your choices.

Our standard takeaway cups are all Bio Cups – by choosing these over traditional cups we reduced CO2 emissions by 4 tons in 2017. The Bio Cups also feel great in your hand and keep the coffee at a perfect temperature. Bravo!

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choices of coffee beans – the majority of our coffee is Organic and Fairtrade. This means better conditions for farmers, their environment and better health for you. We did this because we choose to impact our industry. Hell, we’ve even won awards for it! 

Read more about why we (and you) should choose organic here.

Our coffee waste is recycled and used for organic fertiliser in our community – you can do the same at home by throwing old coffee grinds into your garden. Rinsed coffee grounds have a near neutral PH of 6.5 and do not affect your gardens acidity levels if you work them into your soil. Add grounds to your compost to increase nitrogen and improves drainage, water retention and aeration. We are currently working on our herb garden and seeing great results from coffee grounds in the compost.

We have a great e-book that explains the multitude of uses for old coffee waste. It is a free book so please download it from our online shop!

Remember that the choices YOU make do make a difference to your health and the environment. Make the good ones!