Single Origin Coffee

Why Buy Single Origin Coffee?

The term "single origin" is applied to coffee beans that come from a specific place, such as our Yirgacheffe from the Oromia region in Ethiopia. These coffees tend to have strong flavors and unique aromas because they're processed in just one region of the country it was grown on.

For example, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe G2 Oromia Co-op Fairtrade Organic single origin coffee for sale in our online shop is a great example of the style of the region - The flavour is inimitable, sensitive, and delicate. In Ethiopian coffee, you will find notes of jasmine flower, bergamot, and blueberry. The refreshing aftertaste can offer a tea-like delicacy or a winey subtlety.

When it comes to coffee, single origin beans are gaining popularity. These coffees come from just ONE source - the fruit of just one plant in an individual geographic region, and they usually only appear during specific times of year because their harvesting processes vary based on what conditions need more attention than others. This means that each variety has a distinct flavor profile which can be attributed solely to where these particular plants grow.

When you buy single origin coffee, it provides the opportunity to taste truly pure, unique flavors. It's often more intense than blends due to the exclusive ingredients and processes which have been used in growing and processing it.

If you are seeking something different, this might just be your perfect solution as there can always be a slight variation on how each batch tastes because no two batches are exactly alike.

Flavour Profile

A single origin coffee has the most original and unaltered flavour profile. Single origins tend to have an exotic taste, are bolder than blended coffee due in large part to their higher levels of acidity or “bitterness” which imparts a greater depth.


Purported for their purity and high quality, single-origin coffee beans tell a story about their origin. Most will have an intense, smooth taste that is perfect in both espresso or brewed drinks.


It's time to try a new coffee experience! If you're looking for some variety, then a single origin is what you need. These coffees come from one specific farm and have been roasted with care so that they can be enjoyed in many different ways - usually with a minimum of bitter or aftertaste.

Single-origin coffees offer a unique experience every time. Whether you're looking for something mild or bold, the best single origin coffees will blow your mind with their flavor combinations drawn from around the world!

A single origin coffee offers a perfect way to take your caffeine addiction on an international journey.

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