PNG ENO B-18 Microlot Fairtrade Organic

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This very special limited single origin coffee!

"A sweet delicate cup with floral, lemon and apricot notes moving to blackcurrant and toffee to finish."

Internal Cupping Score: 84 
Region: Okapa District
Soil: Volcanic with rich humus cover
Grade: AA
Varietal: Arusha

Process Method: Fully Washed

The PNG ENO Story

The founder of this plantation was Eno Nosare who took a government lease over land in the Ivingoi area in the late 1980’s. He and his family developed the plantation progressively planting out the boundaries. Eno passed on and the plantation management is now with his son Ricky Eno and grandson Mitchell.

The red ripe coffee cherry is harvested and pulped weekly during the season. The wet process requires fermentation for 36 hours and a thorough washing thereafter. The parchment is dried on covered raised beds with a constant air circulation around the bean which makes for a quality cup as opposed to other drying techniques. This process gives the Eno microlot its distinct cupping quality.

This is a family plantation which had a brief period as a bio-dynamic farm but has now reverted to NASAA organic due to the more difficult conditions required for bio-dynamic. The legacy of bio-dynamic has left the plantation with a good cover of peanut runner which helps to control weeds and assists with nitrogen inputs. The plantation is also part of the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative (HOAC) which has been instrumental in assisting villagers in the Purosa area with better school supplies, medical equipment and improved roads.

From a community development perspective the Eno microlot and HOAC will assist the community with simply requests such as corrugated roofing iron for village housing. Corrugated roofing iron helps villagers collect clean drinking water and eliminates the need for tri-annual replacement of thatch or “kunai” grass which has become more difficult to obtain as the population and gardens grow.