Katapult Cold Brew - Fairtrade Organic Premium Blend

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Cold brew coffee is coffee that is brewed without heat by steeping coarse ground coffee beans in cold water for 12-24 hours. Perfect for the summer months in Australia, this coffee travels well and can be enjoyed iced or hot.

***For the freshest and best quality cold brew, we recommend you buy beans whole and grind them yourself to a VERY COARSE grind on the day you use them.  Alternatively, select COARSE in the menu and we will pre-grind them for you.

Katapult is a Fairtrade, organic blend of the top 3% African, Asian and Pacific sustainably farmed beans blended and roasted by Award Winning Champions, Kimberley Coffee Company. 

Katapult delivers a sweeter and less acidic coffee than espresso coffee. The strength of Katapult Cold Brew can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Our Katapult Cold Brew is:

Organic Certified
Sustainably Sourced
Fairtrade Certified
Roasted Freshly Daily
Course Grind is recommended 

It is so simple to make your own cold brew at home using Katapult!

  1. Mix your coarsely ground Katapult & cold filtered water at a ratio of 2:8 in a clean jar, jug, coffee press or bottle. Try a stronger mix if you prefer!
  2. Allow to sit at room temp for 18-24 hrs.
  3. No need to stir while brewing.
  4. Drain using a sieve or coffee filter.
  5. Store in a glass bottle or jar in the fridge for up to 1 week.
  6. Add milk or water, sugar.
  7. Serve over ice or heat up.
  8. Get creative with your Katapult and add a vanilla pod, mint leaves, cinnamon or slices of citrus to your brew

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    A+ Cold brew
    Posted by Shane on 3rd Sep 2021

    I’ve been trialling a lot of different suppliers to find the best coffee for my cold brew and this is by far the best! I highly recommend this for any coffee fiend that likes a cool brew on a hot day. Very smooth and subtle, with a bit of a sweet flavour. Absolutely delicious.