Boab Coffee 500g

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Boab Coffee - Our award-winning Mintaka Fairtrade Organic Blend mixed with organic roasted Boab nut.

We have spent many years experimenting with parts of the iconic Boab nut mixed with our exceptional award-winning coffee. We have now got it to an extraordinary level. .

We engage local Indigenous people to collect the Boab nut and then work with them to add other local botanicals to round out the flavour profile, giving you a coffee that will surprise you.

The Roasted ground nut of the Boab when mixed with high-quality Fairtrade Organic Coffee (and some other secret natural Kimberley botanicals). This coffee blend is an exceptional full-flavoured well-rounded coffee that stands out with a unique nut flavour. The flavour profile is slightly nutty with a dark chocolate note and a slight hint of cardamom – it goes exceptionally well with your favourite nut milk, like almond. You will enjoy a superb full flavoured coffee full of protein. 

Read more about the Boab nut, it's history and how it works in coffee in our article here.

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