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We are currently expanding our range of coffee gear and have partnered with a specialty online store is our our partner in online coffee gadgets and brewing accessories.

As a valued customer of Kimberley Coffee Company, you will be able to apply a 25% discount on any purchase on coffee gear over $50 in the store. You will also receive free worldwide delivery on all orders totaling $50 or more.

Use the discount code SHIKKLA25 when you add coffee gear to your shopping cart for a 25% discount application.

Keep watching for a growing range of quality products including the Nespresso Stainless Steel Pod maker – eco friendly, reusable & high grade material.

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Check out some of the first products on Shikkla's coffee gear collection:



Kimberley Coffee Company 325ml Mug

Nespresso Pod Maker

 The Nespresso Stainless Steel Pod Maker

Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder


Double Layer Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


Double Layer Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

Novelty Coffee Mug

Novelty Coffee Prescription Mug


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