The Process

The Process

The Kimberley Coffee Company team samples and test roasts beans from all over the coffee world we only select the very best bean for our product offer. We also travel the coffee world during the wet season to select the best coffee from sustainable farmers and then bring them to Broome in remote Western Australia.

We then roast your order usually individually with our state of the art roasting machines; this allows the very best results. The Kimberley Coffee Company gas roasters ensure evenly roasted beans to a medium chocolate brown colour.

Some of our roasters employ a fluid air roasting technology which suspends the beans in the air resulting in a very even roasting of the coffee bean other roasters a more conventional it depends on the beans and the roasting profile on which machine we will use to roast your beans, however rest assured it will be an awesome result. 

Roasters are computer controlled so the guess work is taken out of the process however we do keep a close eye on the process - the roasting process stops at the right temperature then the beans are cooled packed and shipped.

Our coffee bags are doubled sealed. The bags have a one way valve which allows the gases to escape keeping the coffee fresh - and for your smelling pleasure! mmm....