Tiger Mountain, India A-Grade

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Tiger Mountain A Grade Indian Arabica

The 7 Magic Beans....

Bababudan Giris is the birth place of coffee in India. History tells that it all began with a long and arduous journey around 400 years ago when the legendary Saint Bababudan brought 7 magical beans from distant Yemen and planted them in the Chandragiri Hills of Karnataka. Read more about this story here.

The sensations of aroma, flavour, body and acidity that you enjoy is rooted in these mystical beginnings; it is often said, the Indian coffee grower pours his life into the crop. Is it any wonder then that India has consistently produced and exported a remarkable variety of high-quality coffees for over one hundred and fifty years!

India cultivates all of its coffee under a well-defined two-tier mixed shade canopy, comprising evergreen leguminous trees. Nearly 50 different types of shade trees are found in coffee plantations. Shade trees prevent soil erosion on a sloping terrain; they enrich the soil by recycling nutrients from deeper layers, protect the coffee plant from seasonal fluctuations in temperature, and play host to diverse flora and fauna. Coffee plantations in India are essential spice worlds too: a wide variety of spices and fruit crops like pepper, cardamom, vanilla, orange and banana grow alongside coffee plants.

A proportion of the raw coffee proceeds are donated to the 21st Century Tiger which is a unique wild tiger conservation partnership.

This money goes towards research and conservation of Indian tigers in Kanha National Park, Mandia, Balaghat and other regions of India.


Now, enough of the magical stories, here is the how it TASTES!

"Bright citric acid and a juicy smooth body. Hazelnuts, caramel and cocoa to finish."

Region: Tiger Mountain Farm, Baba Budangiris
Grade: A Special Grade - Washed
Screen Size: 15 / 17
Process Method: Fully Washed
Packaging: Coffee bags with valve
Appearance: Yellow/Green
Cupping Score: 82.78