Sumatra Gayo Supreme Fairtrade Organic

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Sumatra Gayo Supreme

Fair Trade Organic

This special coffee found in the sub-region of Gayo displays a unique plant material and trees with extra large cherries.  Farmers believe this to be a mutation of old seed stock when coffee was first planted in the area.

 Today Sumatrans have been rediscovered, and the Gayo is distinctive and triple hand sorted to a grade 1 standard.  These coffees are usually very forgiving during roasting.  They work well on a wide range of roasting equipment and roasting styles.  They prefer a darker roast just past 2nd crack for 10-20 seconds.  The cup can be very volatile for 5 days after roasting and can create blending issues during this period.  Well roasted and blended Sumatras are suited to all types of wet cup coffee making equipment.

Fruit, spicy, earthy nuances with a delicate acidity.