Honduras Nelson Soza Cerro Bonito SHG

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Honduras Nelson Soza Cerro Bonito SHG

Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Region: Cerro Bonito, San Jerónimo
Farm: Finca Cerro Bonito SHG

Grade: Strictly High Grown - European Preparation
Screen Size: 15/17
Process Method: Fully Washed
Packaging: Coffee bags with valve
Appearance: Green

Tasting Notes: Well balanced cup with sticky, syrupy body that carries notes of toffee, black tea, apricot and hazelnuts. Crisp lemon acidity moves to a long caramel finish.
Q Cupping Score: Internal Score: 84.1


Finca “Cerro Bonito” consists of 2.8 hectares of coffee planted in 2012. The farm has an average annual production of 120 qq of dry parchment coffee.

It was established by the producer Nelson Soza and his family, who is a third generation coffee producer, since his father and grandfather were engaged in the same field before him. 

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